Customized Leak Detection System for the Medical Industry

Tantec recently delivered a LeakTEC system to a large medical device manufacturer. The Tantec LeakTEC system we able to meet the customers high expectations and system requirements. Tantec’s quality and ability to meet these system requirements lead to Tantec being selected as the supplier.

The Tantec LeakTEC system was designed to use high voltage to detect any holes present in the wells of the product after molding. If a hole is present the LeakTEC system will send a signal to reject the part.

This fully automatic test is capable of detecting pin holes smaller than 3 microns by introducing an electrical potential between a detecting electrode and an electrical ground, (i.e. metal jig or mandrel holding the part) while the plastic part itself acts as the insulator. In the event of detecting a crack or pin hole in the plastic material, an electrical contact is established between electrode and ground resulting in a reject signal from the LeakTEC.

The LeakTEC system

The system has a complete electronic control with mains switch, emergency stop and reset button. The system contains a PLC system for complete process control as well.

The machines are built with a hinged door with safety interlock switch hard wired to a CE approved safety circuit. The LeakTEC has a sensor to detect that tray is in place and lock to keep the tray in place until the process is completed successfully.

Strict controlling

The well plate has become a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories

Well plates are used in virology, serology, microbiology and a myriad of other life science and drug discovery laboratories. The well plate is a simple, relatively low-tech, cost-effective, humble and unassuming tool found in labs across the world. The microplate saves time for the researcher as well as money on costly reagents which can be extremely expensive.

Tantec has over 40 years of experience in leak detection. Tantec’s ability to meet the many demands for leak detection of medical products is why the Tantec LeakTEC system is the preferred method used by medical device manufacturers.


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