Surface Treatment with Ozone

Tantec has developed their OzoneTEC System to treat the inside of products such as surfboards, coolers, ice boxes, jacket pipes, small boats etc. – products that consist of fiberglass on the outside and foam on the inside – also called sandwich construction.

For one specific customer in the boat industry the task was to improve the adhesion of Purethane Foam to the inside of the fiberglass shell. Without treatment the foam will harden but not stick to the inside of the boat shell.

The OzoneTEC produces ozone, which is blown into the shell and is left inside for a while before it is sucked out again. Thereafter the Purethane Foam is injected. It then hardens and adheres to the inside of the shell.


  • Ability to treat interior of roto molded parts
  • Higher surface energy levels achieved compared to stock resins
  • On demand treating
  • Flexible settings to allow for treatment of various product sizes and dimensions
  • Small footprint
  • No exotic treating gases required

Treatment of roto molded parts

Rotomolded parts are typically hollow thermoset plastics parts.
The resin is heated and melted, and by rotating the mold the resin fills the mold cavity creating the part with a hollow inside. Many of these parts require foam insulation for improving thermal properties and rigidity of the parts.

Continuous rotation of the mold during the process ensures uniform thicknesses of the walls. The OzoneTEC plays a key role in helping to activate the inside surface of the part to improve adhesion.

An OzoneTEC-system typically consists of generator, HV-transformer, control box, compressed air-system and a customized frame. OzoneTEC can be installed as an in-line process or as a standalone solution.


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